Discovering Baofeng UV-5R Potential

Baofeng UV-5R

Chinese radio gets stereotyped as cheap and worse performing. I never become interested in walkie talkie like radio, but I received one as a gift. A good friend of mine buy one Baofeng UV 5R Plus and offered it to me.
I realized that I was not even able to activate a repeater. Oh, what a shame for an OM!
I bought few Baofeng accessories from Amazon and now I can said I’m able to use it as an average operator.
I’m not familiar with VHF and UHF but if could become useful in case of emergency and a Baofeng UV-5R will be definitely a good handy radio to provide support.
At the end of the story, those Chinese radios are cheap but they can have a good impact for the young generations of amateur radio.